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Welcome to the SMaRTZONE (School Media and Research Technologies)! Where you can explore new worlds, meet new people and characters and make your dreams a reality!

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The SMaRTZone

Wouldn’t it be nice to kick back with a novel or read about the latest space discovery? Explore the underwater world or meet famous people like basketball and football players, presidents and authors, actors and actresses? Find out what holidays are celebrated around the world? When you visit the SMaRTZone and browse our collection you’ll find information about all these subjects and so much more.

Here in the SMaRTZone you can STRIVE FOR 25, get your picture on a READ poster, read your favorite magazine or just relax and enjoy a good book.

BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! That’s all you’ve heard about so far. But we’ve got so much more than that! You can also explore the internet right from this site!

Use the navigation bar at the top of this page where you will find:

  • Educational games for kids to play.
  • Guidelines for how to be a better researcher.
  • Help for your homework.
  • BCPS databases full of information.
  • Access to Destiny from home, just in case you can’t get to the library.
  • A section with resources especially for teachers.
  • Resources for parents.
  • Information on award winning authors and books.

Looks like one stop shopping!

Description for Summer Reading from Library Media Specialist

Check out selected by Kathy Schrock as one of the best sites "...for teachers and students (ages 6-12) to find out about new book releases, read interviews with authors, play literary games, and fine discussion questions for their own book club."