Algebra 1 Syllabus

Instructor: Kimberly Magginson         E-mail:

Room: 300                                          Phone: 410-887-0618

Grade book:


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Course Description:

The primary focus of Algebra, a course required for all diploma bound students, is the application of skills to representing situations and solutions verbally, numerically, graphically, and algebraically. 

Goals of the Course:

  • Students will master at least 80% of the course content in order to score proficient or advanced on the Maryland State Assessment while simultaneously building critical thinking skills. 
  • Students will use developed knowledge to pass the High School Assessment which is needed to graduate from high school.




Glencoe Algebra 1, 2005


Book’s website:  and

Online Textbook Information             Login:  ALG105        Password:  beP8emEK


Course Outline:

  1. Application of Real Numbers
  2. Statistics
  3. Solving Linear Equations
  4. Patterns and Graphing
  5. Analyzing Linear Equations
  6. Probability
  7. Linear equations
  8. Systems of Equations
  9. Characteristics of Functions
  10. Polynomials
  11. Factoring

Graded Components


Grade Breakdown                Grading Categories


A = 90-100%                          60% - Classwork

B = 80-89%                            20% - Assessments (Short Cycles, Benchmarks, Tests, and Quizzes)

C = 70-79%                            10% - Homework

D = 60-69%                            10% - Projects

E = <60%



 Will consist of, but is not limited to:

  • Warm ups/ drills
  • Practice problems
  • Assignments from the book
  • Puzzles
  • Anything completed during the class time
  • Exit Tickets












Most of the homework assignments will be completed out of the book.  All homework will be checked the next day either for accuracy or for completion.  Homework will be given 4 to 5 times per week.


Projects may be given out quarterly.  Each project will relate to topics learned within that quarter. Most projects will be completed at home.

 Proficiency Procedure


  • Any assessment, project, paper, or essay that does not meet minimum standards (75%) may be redone for additional credit.
  • A redo will only be allowed if the student has attended at least one coach class pertaining to the material being assessed on the redo.
  • A redo will be permitted only if the original assignment was completed on time.


Course Expectations  


Quantity and Quality of Work


  •  Course work will be graded for accuracy.  Make sure your work is not only complete but also accurate. 

Study Time:

·         Each student needs to study at least one hour per day for Algebra 1 coursework.  During this time, students should complete homework, review classwork notes/examples and preview next lesson or chapter.  More time should be set aside to study for test and quizzes.  Math is a subject that builds upon itself.  Therefore the skills covered in each lesson must be mastered in order to move forward and successfully complete the course.


Late and Makeup Work 


  •  If you are absent, you will be required to make up missing work.  This will include one coach class in order to learn the material or get extra help form the teacher.
  •  Late class work or homework if the student was present in class will not be accepted.
  •  For all assessments please refer to the proficiency procedure.  


Interpersonal Behavior


  • Students are expected to respect each other’s thoughts, opinions, and personal space.
  •  No inappropriate language!
  •  No hats, headbands, backpacks, headphones, jackets, hoodies, or cell phones!


General Classroom Rules

  1. Respect yourself, adults, and peers
  2. Have all materials in class.  This includes 2 pencils, binder, folder, books, and your brain.
  3. Raise your hand to be acknowledged
  4. Remain in your seat unless directed




Refer to PBIS


Lateness to Class


1st lateness- (depending on time frame of lateness) sign into logistic log and will be verbally warned

2nd lateness- sign into logistic log and receive a lunch detention

3rd lateness- sign into logistic log and receive a minor referral with a parent phone call.

Persistent lateness – further action from team/administration consequence



If students are late with a pass, they are to come in and sign in the logistic log.  Then give their pass to Mrs. Magginson and sit down and get started with the lesson.


Other Information


Materials Needed for Class:


  • Three Ring Binder with math sections – Drill/Warm-up, Classwork, Homework, Assessments
  • Folder
  • 2 pencils
  • Book (covered)
  • Highlighters
  • Willingness to Learn!!!!