Social Studies

           Social Studies Department


 The Social Studies Department at Windsor Mill Middle School is a tight-knit, collaborative group of professionals passionate about their students, their content, and their craft.  We will provide students with the content, skills, and knowledge to be a global citizen.  

Our mission is to prepare students to be responsible, productive students in a global community where we foster and encourage students to analyze and interpret historical information to gain an appreciation for varied cultures of the world and the United States in order to form reasoned opinions about the economic, social, and political influences on the past and future. 

Windsor Mill Middle School follows the standard and Gifted and Talented curriculums developed by the Office of Social Studies to provide real-world experiences for students at each grade level. Students actively develop the ability to locate, organize, interpret, analyze, explain and evaluate primary and secondary sources. The Baltimore County Essential Curriculum aligns with the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum.

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