Special Education

What are the core beliefs of the Special Education Department?

The Special Education Department at Windsor Mill Middle School is a dedicated group of professionals passionate about enhancing the overall skills of all students in order to prepare them for future and the real world experiences in all areas. 


Our mission is to build students’ confidence in their overall abilities thus fostering a deeper stronger appreciation of the learning and an increasing in their overall performance.


We accommodate and modify any situation to enhance learning in all circumstances. 

Special Education Teachers:

Anna Beggs       

Mathhew Bowerman

Sarah Clinton     

Daphne Costley  

Denise Garner    

Krystle Hockenbrock 
Erica McGowan 

Support Staff:

Isuko J. Udaka/School Psychologist  

Marian Pugh/ Social Worker  

Bertram Watson/ Crisis Behavior Interventionist

JoAnn Rich/ Assistant Principal for Special Education 


Neila Cohen                   Gershonia Cooper-Jones                              Debora Franklin

Timothy Lipscomb            Dorlisa Mullen-Mitchell                             Lisa Williams

Adult Assistants:                           

Demetrica Morris                Gameatha Johnson

Sharayia Mills                      Jean Thompson