Approaches to Education

One of the many things that makes the International Baccalaureate’s Program unique and beneficial to both students and teachers is the standards of teaching and learning prescribed by the IB program. IB is dedicated to the development of both teacher efficacy and student academic skill by outlining expectations of teaching practice and academic skills that students will acquire.  

Teachers use inquiry-based teaching methods that ask students to think more broadly than just the content of the class, but concepts that cross all contents. They encourage students to be internationally-minded through examination of global concepts and explorations to show students that the world is bigger than what they see every day. Teachers plan lessons where students work collaboratively to promote teamwork and prepare for an ever-growing, collaborative world and workforce. Teachers also work to promote the teaching of 144 academic skills, called Approaches to Learning.   

To read more about the IB’s Approaches to Teaching and Learning, as well as see all 144 academic skills that students will learn throughout the program, click the links below.  

ATL List.pdf

Approaches to Teaching.pdf