School IB Policies

As part of the IB School Community, Windsor Mill is dedicated to ensuring that students feel supported in their academic ventures and prepared for future academic institutions once they leave our community. To provide students these tools, all IB Schools compose specific policies in alignment with the school system and IB philosophy. These policies act as a message to the students, teachers, and community members about the academic values the school holds true. These policies cover Academic Honesty, Inclusion, Language and Assessment.  

As a member of the Baltimore County Public System, these policies align with the Student Code of Conduct but 
layout tools and systems specific to Windsor Mill Middle School. Students receive an overview of these policies every year and policies are amended by the school leadership team at the end of every school year.  

Our policies can be found below. For information from the IB Organization about the need and purpose of these policies, please contact the IB Coordinator. 

Academic Honesty Policy 2019-2020.pdf

Assessment Policy 2019-2020.pdf

Inclusion Policy 2019-2020.pdf

Language Policy 2019-2020.pdf